Property Management Plan


Property Management Plan

Our Resort Property Management plan takes care of it all

  • check and pick up your mail, newspapers and flyers so your home always appears lived in. Important mail such as bills can be forwarded to our office for payment.

  • supervise that pool services are performed properly and check for pool system water leaks.

  • check your screen enclosures for worn and torn screen panels.

  • check locks on all your doors and windows to assure security of your home.

  • check your lighting and security systems.

  • check for interior pests, insects, and mold.

  • check on any personal vehicles left at the home to make certain they will be functional when you return to your Florida home.

  • check your home as soon as safety and order are restored after Tropical Storms and Hurricane Conditions to notify you of any damages. We will also visit your home before any severe weather conditions to secure your home from potential damage.

  • ensure your air conditioning (HVAC) and humidistat is in operation.

  • check all your plumbing for visible leaks.

  • run water in all sinks to prevent evaporation in the sink traps.

  • check for water intrusion.

  • run your disposal to prevent seizing.

  • flush all toilets to prevent seal dry rot.

  • Note: running water and flushing toilets also prevents back flow of sewer/septic gasses from entering your home.

  • ensure all of your lawn care services are being properly completed.

  • ensure your trees are properly groomed and fertilized, that shrubs and bushes are healthy and trimmed and that weed growth is under control.

  • check irrigation system functioning properly and leak free (we recommend seasonal checks)

  • and lastly, we basically do everything else that you would that is not mentioned here

Included in this plan are all aspects of renting your Vacation Home

  • Advertising your home

  • Writing of rental agreements

  • Arranging of cleaning services (pre-arrival and post-departure)

  • Providing necessities (detergents, toilet paper, BBQ gas et cetera)

  • Check-in and check-out of guests

  • Collection of electric charges over allowance

  • Emergency assistance for guests

  • Disbursement of rental income, paying of local and state taxes

  • Registration of your home to pay applicable taxes

  • and all the other little things that go with it…